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Cannabis use has increased, especially in individuals with depression
Exercising 2.5 to 5 hours per week may lower the risk several cancer types
New computer game may predict opioid use relapse

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Research Spotlights March 2019
Research Spotlights March 7, 2019

Research Spotlights March 2019

Physiological indicators for personalized medicine: Toward optimal behavioral interventions for at-risk children To be or not to be virtuous; is it in our genes? Emotional control may be key to managing type 1 diabetes in adolescents Physiological indicators for personalized medicine: Toward opti ...

Research Spotlights February 2019
Research Spotlights February 4, 2019

Research Spotlights February 2019

Interactive online HIV-prevention program reduces STIs in young men who have sex with men; Brain Reactivity to Facial Expressions May Explain Why Some Disadvantaged Young Adults Experience Different Socioeconomic Outcomes Despite Similar Resources; Group Therapies: Efficacious and Cost-Effective Int ...

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