NLM requests information as it finalizes its strategic plan

NLM requests information as it finalizes its strategic plan


It’s been at least a decade since the National Library of Medicine issued a long-range plan. Significant advances in biomedical informatics, data science, precision medicine, open access to biomedical information, and changes in our country’s health systems, and previous public input have informed NLM’s current strategic planning process.

That’s why NLM is requesting public input for priorities and future directions on four themes:

  1. Role of NLM in advancing data science, open science, and biomedical informatics.
  2. Role of NLM in advancing biomedical discovery and translational science.
  3.  Role of NLM in supporting the public’s health: clinical systems, public health systems and services, and personal health.
  4.  Role of NLM in building collections to support discovery and health in the 21st century.

National Library of Medicine LogoNLM invites input on the most audacious goals and the most compelling questions with potential to drive innovation in research and information systems over the next decade. Provide your input online by January 9, 2017. To read NLM’s complete Request for Information, visit NOT-LM-17-002. For questions, call 301-496-2311 or