FY2022 Firearms Focused Awarded Projects

Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
PAR 1UG3MD018298-01 ZHANG, LEI UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MED CTR A Proposal to Establish the Mississippi Violence Injury Prevention (VIP) Program $1,385,082 Abstract
PAR 1R21AG076362-01 PHELAN, ELIZABETH ANNE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Shared Decision-Making for Firearm Safety among Older Adults with early changes associated with Alzheimer’s Disease/Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias (AD/ADRD) $424,836 Abstract
PAR 1UG3MD018296-01 EDBERG, MARK GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Changing the Narrative on Firearms Violence: A Community Collaborative Intervention $807,500 Abstract
PAR 1UG3HD111325-01 ZAKRISON, TANYA L UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Harmonizing Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs with a Novel Medical-Legal Partnership for Equity in the Social and Structural Determinants of Health – the HVIP-MLP Model $1,614,872 Abstract
PAR 1R01HD108027-01 BRANAS, CHARLES C. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES A Nationwide Case-Control Study of Firearm Violence Prevention Tactics and Policies in K-12 Schools $1,961,579 Abstract
PAR 1U24HD111315-01 CARTER, PATRICK MICHAEL UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR University of Michigan Multi-disciplinary Coordinating Center for the Community Firearm Injury Prevention Network $5,532,208 Abstract