The NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network, known as “OppNet,” is a collaborative initiative that includes the NIH Office of the Director and the 24 Institutes and Centers (ICs) that support and administer research projects. OppNet identifies cross-cutting basic social and behavioral research areas and issues funding opportunities to stimulate proposed projects that complement the interests and missions of the ICs.

OppNet is a NIH-wide initiative for which the OBSSR provides management, operational, and financial support. OppNet’s Steering Committee provides scientific and strategic guidance to concept teams that consist of program directors across the NIH. The OppNet Steering Committee is co-chaired by Dr. Richard Hodes, Director of the National Institute on Aging, and Dr. William Riley, Director of the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research. Dr. Bill Elwood (OBSSR), OppNet Coordinator, coordinates the OppNet Steering Committee.

OppNet’s website provides information on its current funding opportunities, the projects it has funded to date, and an October 2017 report (269KB).