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This is a vacancy announcement for the NIH Associate Director for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research and Director, Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) position.
This special issue shares diverse perspectives on biopsychological, behavioral and social research gaps and opportunities to address the pain and opioid crises, and highlights new collaborations for scientific advancements.
This article provides materials and lessons learned from the NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey to guide scientific institutions doing similar workforce surveys.

With enormous gratitude for his many contributions to behavioral and social sciences research (BSSR) at the NIH, I announce that William (Bill) T. Riley, Ph.D., will be retiring from NIH at the end of December 2021. For the past 7 years in his dua…

NIH awards 10 grants addressing firearm violence prevention research.
To better understand the current pain and opioid public heath crises, the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH), in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research, invites articles that focu…
NIH is participating in the Smart Health and Biomedical Research Interagency Program with National Science Foundation that focuses on era of artificial intelligence and advanced data science.
A small percentage of R01 and U01 grantees fail to publish in a timely manner. Factors including human research, clinical trial research, child research, not being an early stage investigator, and conducting behavioral and social sciences research in…
NIH awarded grants for firearm injury and mortality prevention research.
Research on childhood obesity intervention strategies.