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Behavioral risk markers for ADHD appear early in child development; Brain anatomy and psychological traits may predict who responds to placebos; The health of those in your social networks impacts your own health
Lonely people prefer to stand farther away from those they love; Childhood stress leads to overeating in low-income children; Expanding implementation of stress reducing treatments for cancer patients improves health
Informing doctors of patient’s overdose death reduces opioid prescribing; Mom’s cell phone use is related to infant social and emotional functioning; Individual cognitive-behavioral therapy improves anxiety in children
mHealth intervention increases HIV medication adherence and reduces HIV transmission risk; Quality sleep during childhood predicts resilience in young adults; Aversive reactions to photo warnings on cigarette packs increase quit attempts.
Socioeconomic status is related to adult brain anatomy and organization; Opioids and non-opioid analgesics affect different types of stress; Sensory impairments predict future health in aging adults.
Weight loss success predicted by brain networks; Identifying geographic hot spots of intentional injury may serve prevention efforts; Failing to report adverse events is not just about losing compensation.
Holding on to stress-related emotions negatively effects health a decade later; Genetic risk for low educational attainment predicts criminal behavior; Individuals are willing to pay more for unhealthy food they are craving
The Great Recession raised American’s blood pressure and glucose levels; The Great Recession raised American’s blood pressure and glucose levels; Predicting chronic opioid use with electronic health record data.
Parent’s technology obsession contributes to behavioral problems in kids; Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders higher than previously thought; Depressive symptoms before head and neck cancer treatment increases mortality risk
Underrepresentation of minorities in research studies; Racial differences in influenza vaccination; Inflammation-related genes and increased childhood adiposity