OBSSR Co-Funding Activities

The Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) provides funding support to the NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) through its co-funding program. This support encourages additional funding of behavioral and social sciences research, as well as workshops and meetings, that advance the NIH mission. Requests for co-funding are made by program staff at the ICs to the OBSSR. The OBSSR considers various factors in its co-funding decisions including the impact of the research proposed (as per the summary statement from the review), relevance to the OBSSR mission and Strategic Plan, commitment by the requesting IC to support the research, and the availability of funds.

Below is a breakdown of OBSSR co-funding by NIH IC for fiscal year 2023 (FY23). The list of projects OBSSR supported or co-funded in FY23 can be found here.

FY23 Co-Funding Activities

NINR $1,015,719; NINDS $154,000 ; NIMHD $3,665,555; NIMH	$5,264,808; NIEHS	$863,744; NIDDK	$1,493,702; NIDCD $601,250; NIDA $1,776,153; NICHD	 $3,060,760; NIBIB $500,000; NIAMS	$650,000; NIAID	$49,949; NIAAA $371,801; NIA $4,151,269; NHLBI	$1,743,327; NHGRI	$100,000; NEI $900,000; NCI	$1,328,579; NCCIH	$1,462,434; NCATS	$300,337; FIC $821,412