OBSSR ICO Liaisons

OBSSR assigns staff members to work as liaison to many of the NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices (ICOs) that support research related to the behavioral and social sciences. These liaisons are not representatives or gatekeepers for the ICO. Their role is to work closely with the ICOs to understand how OBSSR can best serve their research mission and the needs of their respective scientific communities.

NCI Liz Ginexi
NEI Dana Greene
NHLBI Dana Wolff-Hughes
NHGRI Erica Spotts
NIA Mike Spittel
NIAAA Bill Elwood
NIAID Erica Spotts
NIAMS Dana Wolff-Hughes
NIBIB Dana Wolff-Hughes
NICHD Dara Blachman-Demner
NIDCD Bill Elwood
NIDCR Farheen Akbar
NIDDK Deborah Young-Hyman
NIDA Wendy Smith
NIEHS Bill Elwood
NIGMS Liz Ginexi
NIMH Dana Greene
NIMHD Mike Spittel
NINDS Dana Greene
NINR Farheen Akbar
NLM Mike Spittel
FIC Katie Morris
NCATS Liz Ginexi
NCCIH Wendy Smith
OAR Dara Blachman-Demner
ODP Deborah Young-Hyman
ODS Deborah Young-Hyman
ORWH Katie Morris