FY2015 OppNet Funded Grant Applications

PA-15-122: Administrative Supplements for Common Basic Sociobehavioral Mechanisms and Processes that Facilitate or Impede Self-Management of Chronic Conditions (Admin Supp)
Activity Project number PI name Institution Title Award total Abstract
3R01 MH096699-04S1 AIKENS, JAMES E UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, MEDICAL SCHOOL Telemonitoring enhanced support for depression self-management $152,650 Abstract
3R01 AT006464-05S1 DENNINGER, JOHN W MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Quantification of outcome measures for mind body interventions $99,993 Abstract
3R25 TW009697-01A1S1 DYE, TIMOTHY DE VER (contact); OSSIP, DEBORAH J UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Multilevel social ecological mechanisms facilitating maternal health improvement in Central and Latin America $59,839 Abstract
3R01 AG048844-02S1 INFURNA, FRANK JOHN (contact); ZAUTRA, ALEX J ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Does resilience to childhood adversity improve with social intelligence training? $150,211 Abstract
3R01 NR014430-03S2 LUCHSINGER, JOSE  (contact); BAKKEN, SUZANNE ; MITTELMAN, MARY SHERMAN COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES New York City Hispanic Dementia Caregiver Research Program (NHiRP) $66,582 Abstract
3DP3 HD076602-01S1 STANGER, CATHERINE DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, PSYCHIATRY Incentives, cognitive training, and internet therapy for teens with poorly controlled Type 1 diabetes $162,000 Abstract