FY2017 OppNet Funded Grant Applications

PAR-16-095: Basic Biopsychosocial Mechanisms and Processes in the Management of Chronic Conditions (R21)
Activity  Project number  PI name  Institution  Title  Award Total  Abstract
R21 CA220670 MYNENI, SAHITI UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER Characterization of the manifestation of stages and processes of smoking behavior change in health-related social intercourse $213,019 Abstract
R21 DC016475 SMITH, SCHOTT RICHARD ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Investigating key biopsychosocial factors that mediate lifespan management of prelingual deafness $180,993 Abstract


PAR-16-326: Advancing Basic Behavioral and Social Research on Resilience: An Integrative Science Approach (UG3/UH3)
Activity Project number PI name Institution Title Award total Abstract
UG3 AG057039 BERGEMAN, CINDY S UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME An integrative science approach to resilience: The Notre Dame study of health and wellbeing $316,272 Abstract
UG3 MH114249 BURT, S ALEXANDRA MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Mechanisms underlying resilience to neighborhood disadvantage $401,525 Abstract
UG3 CA220642 PARK, CRYSTAL L UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, STORRS Multilevel resilience trajectories in the transition to cancer survivorship $218,706 Abstract
UG3 AT009651 POLUSNY, MELISSA A UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Advancing research on mechanisms of resilience (ARMOR): Prospective longitudinal study of adaptation in new military recruits $629,948 Abstract