FY2020 Firearms Focused Awarded Projects

Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
PAR 1R61HD104566-01 SATHYA, CHETHAN FEINSTEIN INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH Evaluating implementation and feasibility of evidence-based universal screening and intervention strategies for firearm injury and mortality prevention among youth and adults in emergency departments $1,323,774 Abstract
PAR 1R61HD104570-01 CAMPBELL, JACQUELYN CUTLER JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY A comparison of firearm-related intimate partner homicide in Texas and Maryland: Prevalence, identification of those at risk, and the effect of firearm regulations $1,056,501 Abstract
PAR 1R61MH125757-01 WEXLER, LISA M. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR Family Safety Net: Developing an upstream suicide prevention approach to encourage safe firearm storage in rural and remote Alaskan homes $1,210,429 Abstract
PAR 1R61MH125759-01 BRYAN, CRAIG J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Mechanisms underlying the association of firearm availability and vulnerability to suicide $1,122,122 Abstract
PAR 1R61MH125754-01 BETZ, MARIAN ELIZABETH UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER Online Storage Maps to Facilitate Voluntary Firearm Storage: Mixed Methods Evaluation $1,241,599 Abstract
PAR 1R61AA029064-01 NICOSIA, NANCY RAND CORPORATION Alcohol restrictions and firearm prohibitions based on mental illness: Effects on fatal and nonfatal firearm injuries $790,120 Abstract
PAR 1R61AG072408-01 CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Firearm Injury and Mortality Prevention with Project Talent $1,182,203 Abstract
PA 3R01HD096070-03S1 WALLACE, MAEVE E TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA Impact of State-Level Policies on Maternal Mortality $146,153 Abstract
PA 3R01AG059613-02S1 BETZ, MARIAN ELIZABETH UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER Decision Making Among Older Adults: "Firearm Retirement" $309,621 Abstract