FY2021 Firearms Focused Awarded Projects

Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
PAR 1R21AT011863-01 MOSKOWITZ, JUDITH T NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY AT CHICAGO FOREST (Fostering Optimal Regulation of Emotion for prevention of Secondary Trauma): Implementation and evaluation of a burnout prevention program for staff in gun violence prevention programs. $406,967 Abstract
PAR 1R21AG076362-01 PHELAN, ELIZABETH ANNE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Shared Decision-Making for Firearm Safety among Older Adults with early changes associated with Alzheimer’s Disease/Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias (AD/ADRD) $424,836 Abstract
PAR 1R01AG076364-01 BETZ, MARIAN ELIZABETH UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER "Safety in Dementia": An Online Caregiver Intervention. $1,718,886 Abstract
PAR 1R01MD017194-01 BHATT, MONICA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Predicting and Preventing Gun Violence: An Evaluation of READI Chicago $1,867,461 Abstract
PAR 1R01HD108027-01 BRANAS, CHARLES C. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES A Nationwide Case-Control Study of Firearm Violence Prevention Tactics and Policies in K-12 Schools $1,961,579 Abstract
PAR 1R01HD108021-01 HEINZE, JUSTIN EDWARD UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR Firearm violence prevention through community-engaged vacant property reuse: Application of Busy Streets Theory in Detroit $2,247,415 Abstract
PAR 1R01MD017204-01 LANTZ, BRENDAN FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY The Individual, Situational, and Contextual Risk Factors for Violent Firearm Injury and Firearm Homicide: A Comparative, Policy-Focused Approach $490,436 Abstract
PA 1R01HD108017-01 NEWGARD, CRAIG D. OREGON HEALTH & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY Risk prediction and optimizing outcomes to 1-year after firearm injury among children using emergency services in the US $1,991,980 Abstract
PA 1R01AG076382-01 STUDDERT, DAVID M STANFORD UNIVERSITY Relationship between lawful handgun ownership and risk of homicide victimization in the home $1,186,914 Abstract
PA 1R01HD108025-01 THOMSON, NICHOLAS DAVID VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY Preventing Firearm Violence in Youth: A hospital-based prevention strategy $2,062,482 Abstract