FY2023 Firearms Focused Awarded Projects

Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
PAR 1UG3MD019172-01 Nickolas D. Zaller University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences The HVIP+ Community Model: A Community Violence Prevention Program in a Southern State $1,420,789 Abstract
PAR 1UG3HD115253-01 Tsu-Yin Wu Eastern Michigan University Adaptable Community-Engaged Intervention for Violence Prevention: Michigan Model $1,410,608 Abstract
PAR 1UG3NR021232-01 Sandra McKay University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Houston Incorporation of a Health Equity Approach to Hospital Violence Intervention Programs: The Integration of a Community and Hospital Based Initiatives to Reduce Gun Violence in a Large Metropolitan Area $1,555,426 Abstract
PAR 1R01MD019173-01 Katherine Hoops Johns Hopkins University ACTFAST: Urban and Rural Trauma Centers RE-AIM at Firearm Injury Prevention $801,338 Abstract
PAR 1R01MD019163-01 Aaron James Chalfin University of Pennsylvania Evaluation of the Philadelphia Smart Street Lighting Initiative $757,609 Abstract
PAR 1K18MD019159-01 Evan Victor Goldstein University of Utah Preventing Firearm Suicide Deaths Among Black/African American Adults $365,990 Abstract
PAR 1K18DA059913-01 Scott Evan Hadland Massachusetts General Hospital Substance Use and Firearm Injuries among Medicaid-enrolled Youth $563,724 Abstract
PAR 1K18MH135466-01 Brian M. Hicks University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Assessing risk for firearm injury and attitudes about new gun violence prevention laws in Michigan to enhance policy implementation $518,106 Abstract