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NIH OBSSR Director’s Blog provides an update on the NIH Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) Initiative on the Health Impacts of COVID-19.
NIH OBSSR Director’s Blog discusses the case for ontology building and use in the behavioral and social sciences and describes some NIH activities in this area.
An NIH-sponsored special issue of the American Journal of Public Health shares diverse perspectives on biopsychological, behavioral, and social research gaps and opportunities to address the pain and opioid crises, and it highlights new collaborations for scientific advancements.
NIH OBSSR Director’s Blog on the future of behavioral and social sciences research at the NIH in 2022.
NIH OBSSR Director’s Blog on behavioral and social sciences research accomplishments.
The Annual NIH Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Festival, hosted by OBSSR and in collaboration with the NIH BSSR Coordinating Committee, will be held virtually on Thursday, November 18 and Friday, November 19, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST each day. The festival showcases exciting research results, emerging areas, and innovations in health related BSSR.
Child health day recognizes the care and guidance children need to grow strong and healthy -physically, psychologically, and socially. To address pandemic and other child health concerns, various social and behavioral science organizations initiated a coordinated effort (#SBS4Kids) to describe the role the social and behavioral sciences can play in addressing these concerns and empowering our children to thrive in these challenging times.
NIH awarded 10 grants addressing firearm violence prevention.
As part of the commemoration of our 25th anniversary, we developed a historical record of the OBSSR’s key events, accomplishments, and leadership during the Office’s 25 years of existence.
As you weigh the risks and benefits of COVID vaccination, consider the benefits that extend beyond yourself to the many millions of people like my wife, including some you probably know, who depend on the rest of us to help protect them from COVID.