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Past NIH Matilda White Riley Honorees


Dr. David Mechanics

Inaugural Matilda White Riley Honors: 2006

Distinguished Lecturer: David Mechanic, Ph.D.
Renè Dubos University Professor, Emeritus
Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research
Presentation: Delivery of Health Care Trends



2nd Matilda White Riley Honors: 2007

Carol D. Ryff, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturers:
Carol D. Ryff, Ph.D.
Hilldale Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Wisconsin – Madison



Burton H. Singer, Ph.D.

Burton H. Singer, Ph.D.
Charles and Marie Robertson Professor of Public and International Affairs
Princeton University
Co-Presentation: Integrative Health: A Pathway Approach




3rd Matilda White Riley Honors: 2008

John B. McKinley, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer: John B. McKinlay, Ph.D.
Vice President and Director
New England Research Institutes, Inc.
Presentation: Looking for Causes in All the Wrong Places: Upstream Social Determinants of Downstream Health Disparities




4th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2010

Laura L. Carstensen

Distinguished Lecturer: Laura L. Carstensen, Ph.D.
Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor in Public Policy and Professor of Psychology
Stanford University
Presentation: Cultural Characteristics: Longevity, Quality of Life, Social Change, and Social Support




5th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2011

John Cacioppo

Distinguished Lecturer: John T. Cacioppo, Ph.D.
Tiffany & Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor
The University of Chicago
Presentation: Social Isolation and Health




6th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2012

Linda Waite Linda J. Waite, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer: Linda J. Waite, Ph.D.
Lucy Flower Professor in Urban Sociology
The University of Chicago
Presentation: Social Connections and Health




7th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2014

Samuel Preston

Distinguished Lecturer: Samuel Preston, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
University of Pennsylvania
Presentation: Smoking, Obesity, and American Longevity




8th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2015

Picture of Kevin VolppDistinguished Lecturers:
Kevin Volpp, M.D., Ph.D.
Founders President’s Distinguished Professor, Medical Ethics and Health Policy
University of Pennsylvania
Presentation: Behavioral Economics and Health Delivery



Picture of Jeanne Brooks Gunn

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, M.Ed., Ph.D.
Virginia and Leonard Marx Professor of Child and Parent Development and Education
Columbia University
Presentation: Childhood Well-being and Disparities




9th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2016

Dr. Caryn Lerman

Distinguished Lecturer: Caryn Lerman Ph.D.
John H. Glick, M.D. Professor In Cancer Research, Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania
Presentation: Bridging Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Research to Advance the Treatment of Tobacco Dependence
2016 Early Stage Investigator Paper Awardees



10th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2017

Mark Hayward, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer: Mark Hayward, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology, Centennial Commission Professor in the Liberal Arts
The University of Texas at Austin
Presentation: Reimagining the Dynamic Association between Education and US Adult Mortality in a Fast Changing Policy Environment
2017 Early Stage Investigator Paper Awardees



11th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2018

Terrie Moffit, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer: Terrie E. Moffitt, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Duke University
Presentation: A Good Childhood is a Smart Investment
2018 Early Stage Investigator Paper Awardees



12th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2019

Headshot photo of Dr. Mark VanLandingham, P.h.d

Distinguished Lecturer: Mark J. VanLandingham, Ph.D.
Thomas C. Keller Professor
Director, Center for Studies of Displaced Populations
Tulane University
Presentation: Culture and Resilience: Insights from the Vietnamese American community in post-Katrina New Orleans
2019 Early Stage Investigator Paper Awardees



13th Matilda White Riley Honors: 2020

Headshot photo of Toni C. Antonucci, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer: Toni C. Antonucci, Ph.D.
Elizabeth M. Douvan Collegiate Professor of Psychology
Program Director and Research Professor
Institute for Social Research
University of Michigan
Presentation: Social relations and structural lag: A brave new age
2020 Early Stage Investigator Paper Awardees

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